Cookies CBD 300mg Night Caps Cereal Milk

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Product Overview

Cookies Night Caps
Gel Capsules CEREAL MILK
Developed from the original strain by Powerzzzup Genetics, each 10mg dose is lab tested. With the additional supplements of skullcap and valerian root, this product is great for nighttime use.
Additional Information
CBD Content: 30ct: 300mg hemp-derived CBD
Full spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil Contains less than 0.3% THC
Ingredients: MCT Oil, valerian root, natural terpenes, CBD distillate, skullcap, glycerine, filtered water, gelatin, FD&C blue 1 Directions: Take 1 - 3 capsules with water. Onset time approximately 1 hour Dosing: Each capsule contains approximately 1mg of hemp-derived CBD Storage: Store in a dry place at room temperature


(No reviews yet) Write a Review